Yuyuko's Theme - Border of Life

Yuyuko's Theme - Border of Life

Tokyo's theme

Touhou Remix Project Butterfly Resurrection - Yuyuko Border of Life

Touhou Remix Project Butterfly Resurrection - Yuyuko Border of Life

Boss theme

Bloom nobly heroes, for a danger awaits in the Future Tokyo the Ghost seedrian; Sonic Trilogies 2

About TokyoEdit

Tokyo is the Keeper of the dead and watcher of all spirits, a fair lady with a good but horrid past. She might look cute, but she determines your death... yea.

Her past before her deathEdit

She was once the kindest of all the girls at her school in the early ages of Japan, but was deemed a witch and executed for her "Kind" ways were said to be a witch's way of getting someone to like them, and was later deemed the Keeper of the Dead.

Where do spirits go when they die?Edit

The answer is simple, they live in the Giant Cherry tree yet to bloom, known to be called 桜咲く (Sakurasaku), or Blooming Cherry tree in Japanese. Each time a soul or good demon reaches the Underworld's center, the Nether realms, they get their own blossom to rest forever unless somehow brought back to life by reversing time from a maroon blood, Like Jessica the Cat for example.

Other infoEdit

Age: Unknown, likes: Watching the cherry blossoms fall in the breeze and TAKING REVENGE ON JERKS, Dislikes: Usually when plans get denied or go wrong, Personality: Serious, mature, Temperamental, dark, Species: Seedrian, Flower type: Japanese cherry tree (or better yet cherry blossoms), Powers: To determine one's death, once and no more