The Baby Seedrian Triples




Violetta the Seedrian (sister)

Rosa the Seedrian (sister)




their family, playing, having fun, food


danger, violence, not habing family

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The loving and playful baby sisters of Violetta the Seedrian and Rosa.

Baby LimeEdit

Baby Lime, like human children, is energetic and cheery. She is very active as she is known to run a lot when happy. Lime flavors eating limes and other bitter food. Like most infants, she is curious about things around her. Baby Lime enjoys the fun of adventures, despite her young age. Baby Limes tries to make friends with others around her.

Baby CherryEdit

Baby Cherry is a bit similar towards Lime. Baby Cherry is bubby and very friends towards others. She likes to play a lot and hates boredom. She flavors cherries and foods that are sweet or sour. She is so friendly that she can easily befriend anyone.

Baby AppleEdit

Unlike Lime and Cherry, Baby Apple is more shy and quiet than them, but much less than her sister, Violetta. . Baby Apple dislikes loneliness and loves her family deeply. She can be consider the most adorable one out of them. She flavors apples and sweet foods. She is more cowardly than the other two babies as she fears loud noise and yelling. Which she can cry easily.