Sunstar and Starla and heartia


Star the Seedrian is Starla's twin sister. Rumored to be dead by Galaxina, Starla and Daisy (Cosmo didnt know as her dissapearence took place before she was born) she returned to her twin and friends in The first of the Seedrian Trilogy, Seedrian's Unite. Her age is the same as her sister, 10.

Seedrian TrilogyEdit

Seedrians UniteEdit

Unlike most of the seedrians, Star appears round the end of the game, on one of the final worlds known as "Exotic Adventures" as the planet was like an exotic island. Although Cosmo had never met Star, her sister Starla explained the story to the young seedrian in the previous world. Star stays with the Playable Team, one of the only Fan Characters in the team along with Nadia and Brooklyn.

Adventure to the futureEdit

This is one of Star's most known appearences. As in this one, not only is she the only character on one world, but she also reveals unknown powers and super forms that she posseses. It's also known as her Debuted appearence in the game, as in Seedrians Unite, although she is a main charater as she is in the playable team she is a background character. Her super form is known as Blooming Stars. She is the only character on the 3rd world known as "Desert Island" where she is on a, you guessed it, dessert island (The name of the world says all =D).

Desert IslandEdit

On the Desert Island world, Star is alone with Cosmo as in the second world the seedrians playable team breaks up into pairs on the 3rd world, with Star and Cosmo paired up. At the beginning, Cosmo is kidnapped by a robotic Scorpian (Known as the ScorBot) and Star must travel to the temple where Cosmo is imprisoned in. When Star reaches it, she discovers that the ScorBot has kidnapped all the seedrians, including background characters. Star, filled with Rage, transforms into Blooming Stars (her adult form) and defeats the ScorBot. If the player defeats it on first try, then the ScorBot explodes and Star is covered by freed Seedrians who are thanking her. Whenever Star is deafeated, the Scorbot pushes her out of the temple. If the player defeats the ScorBot on a 2nd and above try, the ScorBot Collapses, and turns into dust, then The Seedrians surrond Star, as they explain what happened.

Other appearencesEdit

She also appears in the game Sonic Riders: Space Travel on Level 5, where Sonic and his friends are on Planet Seedrita, the planet formed by Tara (With the spirit of Cosmo alongside) where the species of the Seedrians lives in harmony. This si the only level she appears in on the Heroes Story, but she is a main character in the Seedrian story (Lots of seedrians in Ivy's games XD). Her most recent appearence is in Silver the Hedghog's game, Silver the Hedgehog: Journey through time as a background character with her twin,