"Don't you see? You all are weak! You'll always BE weak!"

- Pine Daros

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Pine Daros

Pine Daros

Pine Daros is a Male Thorndrigan that is hungry for revenge and power. He was consider an outcast upon everyone. He plans to take the planet eggs for himself, even it means sacarficing the entire seedrain colony to gain what he thinks belongs to him, even life of others.

Info/ informationEdit

Name: Pine Daros

Age: ???

Current Age: ???

Species: Thorndrigan/Metarex

Likes: Causing pain for others, proving his power, becoming leader

Dislikes: losing, exiled, his plans failing

Appearance/ PersonailtyEdit

Pine Daros
Pine's appearance is very much like most male thorndrigans with body shape and clothing. Pine's garments are a darker shade of green, almost black with glod trimmings. His horn like thorns on his head are bending, making him look much older. His scar runs down his whole right side, making it look painful once he had gotten it from a battle he had to escape from being exiled from Green Gate.

He's very agressive in his actions, resulting him into getting hurt and he has only three fingers on his left hand since at birth.  His birth defects affected him in a scaring way, he wishes to forget what had happened.

Metarex armorEdit

Pine Daros- metarex

metarex form

Within his armor, he is even more hysterical and wants to cause pain for everyone.  He seeks out to take every planet egg he can find and take way all life within the planet.

Thorngrain-beast formEdit






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