Neontina the adult Seedrian

Neontita,a adult Seedrian

Neontina is a adult Seedrian, who loves Neon colors and likes friendship, her right hand got hurt by Metarex and now is like this, her family is:

Audina - Mother

Milkwaver - Big sister and BSFF(Best Seedrian Friend Forever)

Louis - Big Brother

Martex - Father

Some info of her:

Actual age:20

Likes:Cosmo, Sofia, her father, her family, friends, silence, defeating Metarex

Dislikes:Metarex, too much silence, evil Seedrians


Her story is like this: When she was 9, the Seedrians was being attacked by Metarex and Dark Oak/Lucas, she was thinking Lucas wanted revenge, so she had to escape. At 12 years old, after Cosmo saves the Seedrians, she and Cosmo got friends, right with Sofia, a funky Seedrian that was a funky human and now a Seedrian, Martex was the only one of her family that survived, now she, Sofia, Cosmo and her father are really happy.

Other stuffEdit

Fun facts(?): Her flowers are pink spikes that looks like flowers, she has an eye partially covered because of the hair, she doesn't like CreepyPasta, she is quiet but angry.