Mia 4

Mia =D

Mia is the granddaughter of Cosmo.


Name: Mia

Age: 7

Gender: female

Abilities: Physic abilities


Old theme: My Immortal by Evanescene

Current theme: Haunted by Evanescene

Love interest: none =D

Relatives: Hearthia (Great Grandmother), Cosmo (Grandmother), Cara (Great aunt), Galaxina (Great aunt), Tara (Mother), Zack (Older brother), Beatrice (Older dead sister, twin of Zack), Tani (Adoptive sister), Stella (Older sister), Kibou (Older sister), Tanya (Younger sister),violet (aunt),Rosetta (aunt)

Physic abilitiesEdit

Mia inherited her mothers Physic abilities, therefore she can talk to, see, and listen to ghosts. She can even feel their emotions and sees most of them as living people. But some demons/"nasty" ghosts haunt her, therefore she can bea bit troubled if she is left alone with nobody she knows. She cant help listening to ghosts, seeing them and being haunted by them. She cant seem to overcome it.