Kibou is known as a "rainbow" seedrian, due to her natural rainbow streakes of hair. she is the 4th seed of Tara's to survive, and the shy one in Ivy's series.


Name: Kibou

Name meaning: "hope" in Japanese

Age: 8

Gender: Female

Spieces: Seedrian

Birthplace: Future seedrita

Currently lives: Present Seedrita

Likes: Rainbows, being around friends, sunny days, world peace, her siblings, Miles "Tails" Prower (Especially =D), Tani (To a degree)

Dislikes: Deaths, Rainy days, being alone,war, violence, Tani (to a degree)

Personality: Shy, helpful, curious.

Love interest: Tails (its a bit like TailsXCosmo with them - cute!)

Sonic X: Return of seedriansEdit

Her first appearence was in the Sonic X movie, Return of Seedrian (Obviously fan fiction), where her and her siblings journey back in time to discover peril coming to seedrian tribes across the galaxy by the dark spirits. They also discovered the long lost sister of Cosmo, Cara. they also discover they can bring Cosmo back to life, which they do. Mia says they should go to Mobious and suprise Tails with Cosmo's return. Nobody, but Cosmo knew who Tails was. Mia said she knew all about Tails all her live (One of the many signs that she has physic abilities) When they travel to mobious, they ships crash land, and luckily near Miles "Tails" Prower. Tails was curious at the spaceship but as Cosmo steps out there is a loving reunition. Kibou sees Tails and deveolps a crush on him...