Icy the snow seedrian Edit

I Wont Just leave Scarlet Alone! She Hates The Rain! -Icy

Apperence Edit

Icy has elbow length strait Ice blue hair. Her eyes are dark blue, almost the same color as a sapphire, but not quite. Her normal outfit is a white tank top, and a skirt that seems to be fading into icicles. She rarely takes of her cloak, witch is light blue, only when she's sleeping or it's really hot outside and she has to go to a club meeting. Her cloak has a white gemstone on it keeping the to ends of fabric pinned together and to her shirt.

Likes and dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

Icy loves to play in the snow, when she doesn't have a carrot for her snow mans nose, she gives it an icicle for a nose instead! Her favorite time of year is winter time. She likes to read, write, and draw, (Scarlet: Even though some times she just scribbles and claims it's a really skinny worm!) She loves all plants but she especially loves white roses.

Dislikes Edit

She doesn't really Like Summer Because Of How Hot It Is. Even Though Her Friend Stella Loves Summer. She Hates To See Any Plant Get Harmed, She Treats Them Like The Hero's They are.

Personality Edit

Icy Is Usually A Very Optomistic, Yet Very Calm unless Some One Provokes Her, Witch Isn't Easy To Do. She Cares Deeply For Her Friends And Never Lets Anything Happen To Any Of Them. Edit


  • Icy Can make Snow Using a Gemstone On Her Cloak.
  • If It's To Hot Outside Icy Can't Use Her Magic At All.
  • Icy and Scarlet Are Both The Same Age
  • I Wont Be Able To Ever Do A Speedpaint Of Her Or Any Of My Other Oc's