• ScarletRose122

    Ok, so the the rules are,

    • To join the roleplay you have to tell me first
    • Yo can add new characters, but you have to send me a link to there page
    • Your not allowed to rant in my roleplay
    • It will take place in the comments

    Ok so those are the rules! 

    ScarletRose122 (talk) 11:31, January 16, 2018 (UTC)Scarlet!

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  • ScarletRose122

    How come nobody likes her? Is she just a bad Oc? Is she to unoriginal? Does someone else have an OC that's so much like scarlet that they think I copied that person's Oc? Oh please tell me why everyone hates my oc! Or is it not that people hate her is it more like you just don't care about her? Is it the way I wrote her article? Should I rewrite it? Because I can do that! So if that's the problem just tell me. Also, I'm putting up a picture of my favorite seedrian on this wiki here: (also, she's not my OC if you were wondering, I just think she's cool, and pretty.)

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  • Violeta Seedrian

    Well...Hello. I´m a little spanish artist that draws sonic style. Seedrians, Cats, etc.


    The news of my  seedrian drawings

    Recent Adopted seedrians:

    Madelaine the seedrian

    Sketch done by Naomi-999

    Violeta the seedrian:

    Drawn by x-shirayuki-x

    And well...

    Recents seedrian drawing:
    Azuliza the seedrian. Drawn by me (03-Marina-the-cat)

    I can try to do a fan fic in english but my english is bad soo...i try it.

    PD: I like very much some seedrian of here.
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  • IvyMeme

    I like trains

    January 8, 2012 by IvyMeme


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